Permissibility of sending seasons greeting cards to non-Muslims

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. A bayan by a senior UK Shaykh, which has been converted in to a book called “Light of Prophethood” contains, what appears to be, the following not so enlightening quote of the Shaykh:
“As it is Christmas today and tomorrow (24th and 25th December) are important days for people living in this region (Lancashire), including our fellow Nationals in the UK. From the beginning, since coming into this country, while residing in Bolton, I have always sent I have always sent Christmas Cards to my neighbours. Even after the Darul-uloom was established, cards have continued to be sent annually to neighbours on behalf of the Darul-uloom without fail. I enquired just yesterday, and was informed that the cards have been sent to the neighbours as usual.”
The official justification provided is as follows:
“The cards that Darul Uloom send out
1. Have no religious messages or symbols on them.
2. They have ‘seasonal greetings’ written on them.
3. We only write ‘from staff and students of Darul Uloom, Nothing else.
It is our research that such simple greetings are permissible.

Many ‘Ulama have clearly permitted greeting non-Muslims as long as religious symbols are avoided. See mufti Taqi saheb’s fataawa.
It is also written in al-ashbaah that if a person says regarding a non Muslim,
“(May Allah let his kingdom last for a long time)”
and his intention is that he may be given hidayat in future, or that the Muslims could benefit through his contributions of jizyah etc, then this is permitted.
As can be seen from above, the cards being sent are in no way celebrating any religious festivals nor are they supporting it in any way. Rather, the cards are just a friendly greeting from Darul Uloom to its immediate neighbours.
In the past, when a certain mobs tried to harm our students, they are the ones who defended them and also called police and gave statements in the students’ favour.”
Is this a valid justification for the dissemination of “seasonal greeting” cards as they are called?
Are Muslims of the UK justified in following this opinion or is it the promulgation of batil?

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Asked on September 29, 2014 7:37 pm
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To interact with non-Muslims is permissible. To make them your confidants is not allowed. To send greeting cards is, in our times, the way of the enemies of Islaam. If the Elders set a precedent then millions will be spent by simple Muslims which will be tantamount to wastage and extravagance. T0 send greetings during their festive seasons is, unfortunately, sending out a wrong signal of approval of their 'baatil'. For example: giving gifts to Christians during Christmas denotes that because of Christmas we are giving gifts. Thus one should abstain. On days that are not their festive occasions, invite those people and feed the males and females separately. This will maintain a good relationship.
Our firm belief must be that all conditions come from Allaah and Allaah alone - not by bootlicking the powers that be.

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Answered on September 29, 2014 7:37 pm