Attending a Hindu’s funeral

Assalamu alaikum Dear Mufti Is it permissible for a muslim to attend the funeral of a Hindu? Muslim will sit away from funeral proceedings. Jzkl

How to avoid problems in life

asak mufti i dont want any problems or masail in my life i usually have a lot or maybe i dont and i get overwhelmed. i want to know how to avoid, how to tackle and how to always be nice and good character regardless of the storm and keeping my focus on the bigger …

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Assalamualykum mufti If a yogi says that they attain spiritual bliss by quieting the mind and engaging in spiritual excersises and breathing, in doing so attaining oneness with “god” and total spiritual ecstasy. They also claim to see the unseen and have the ablity to perform miracles? They have methods of attaining a higher sense …

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Washing the feet after drying the face and hands in wudhu

asak please tell me I did my wudhu and didn’t wash my feet but wiped my face arms dry and then wash my feet reason I was doingwudhu in work toilets anyone can walk in 1) is this ok? 2) I heard one should dry altogether otherwise wudhu is invalid?