Dream of shopping

Assalam alaikum..I hope mufti saab is in good health..I have dream which I got mamy times that I am going for shopping,at once my marhoom father was also there.I was just seeing but not buying anything.what it means.please interpret this dream..2. Dream is I was flying for shorter period of time by using something I …

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Dua when going out for shopping

The dua we read, from the hadith when we go to bazar for the reward , Can I read and get the same reward if I do online shopping, like in amazon, ebay ?

Dream of a wedding and handbag

Assalamualaikum Mufti Saab. Last night i dreamt that I was planning to get married.i told another female that i need to try on my wedding dress before the wedding to see if it fits in case it needs altering. I see the white dress placed on the floor near the changing room. I am barefoot …

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Dream of shopping

I had a dream i m at work and finish and showing someone and I’m talking less and keeping up appearances maybe thinking what ppl think being conscious then I leave work to go home and it’s like at work there is shopping centre in built maybe tesco or marks and spencer I m looking …

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Selling a shopping voucher at a higher or lower price

I have a shopping voucher for a certain store valued at R2000. Please advise: (1) Is it permissible to sell the R2000 voucher for an amount higher than R2000? (2) Is it permissible to sell the R2000 voucher for an amount lower than R2000?

Dream of shoes

Asak I had a dream I am going to go out with my mum shopping so I come on my room and wear my shoes I wear my old brown ones then I take them.off then I wear other ones take them off them i see some new pair of dark Brown or black platforms …

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Dream of Shopping for Shoes

Asak I had a dream where I go into a shoe shop and try these really high heel shoes on I then take the show to my work colleagues and show them it’s like 4 shoes in one it seems like 4 shoes have been stacked together to make this heel What does this mean