Attending a Hindu’s funeral

Assalamu alaikum Dear Mufti Is it permissible for a muslim to attend the funeral of a Hindu? Muslim will sit away from funeral proceedings. Jzkl

Attending the nikaah of nephew who’s marrying a Christian

My brother has given consent for his son to marry a Christian girl who intends to keep her religion. Guidance has been given but it has not helped. The nikaah will take place in a Masjid. Is it permissible for me to attend? Allah (SWT) know best. Jazaak-Allah.

Attending the souk

السَّلَامُ عَلَيْكُم وَرَحْمَةُ اللَّهِ It is permissible to attend the Souk. Please Advise in detail. Jzk

Attending big birthday parties

Assalamu Alaikum Mufti Saab Close relatives are celebrating a daughters 21st birthday party, everybody in the family has been invited for a big birthday bash, I informed my wife that we cannot attend because it is an unislamic practice, requesting reference from Quran & Ahadiths condemning these practices and that Allah SWT cause is upon …

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Women attending souk

Slmz The women folk at home are on a hype to attend the souk held by the Khannqah in lenasia this saturday 7 sep 2013. Is the spring souk held by the KMSZ in Lenasia permisible for women to attend? Please comment on the status of such an event held by a Khanqah in the …

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Attending a christians funeral

Aslaamu Alaikum . Could you please give a fatwa for the following at your earliest convenience: A Muslim person was asked/invited to attend a christian work colleague’s funeral in a church. The Muslim attended. He had No intention of Kufr. In the church during the funeral everyone was given a paper with prayers and other …

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Assalamualaikum mufti Saab 1. I would like to know if we are allowed to put black mehndi on nails and hands? 2. Many people in our family have khatams at their houses when their children are getting married or if someone is sick or going for an op or if someone passed away. Is this …

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Attending an interfaith gathering

This Jummuah 12 JULY 2013 the musallees of Hamidia Masjid were encouraged (by Mln Bham on behalf of the fong kong JUSA) to attend an Interfaith gathering for prayers for Mr Nelson Mandela. We accept that Mr Mandela is a good man and did a lot for the oppressed people of this country and probably …

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Permissibility of a pregnant woman attending a funeral

Assalamu AlaikumI have heard that a pregnant women should not attend a funeral, they should wait a day or two or atleast until the body has left the house. Is there any Islamic background on this? if so, what is the reason for this.Shukran