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I have a relative who about 5years decided to invest their savings, however (due to ignorance) we are now uncertain as to whether the money earned is halal or haraam. The issue here is that the bank cannot guarantee about the earnings being halal or not. For example, one of the funds of this relative is property funds – we are not sure about whether the money was spent on pubs, clubs etc. However, the money earned for 2011 is based on interest and therefore classified as haraam, but our concern is for the previous years 2006 – 2010. We could go further and investigate but if in the worst case scenario we do not find any details on the investment then what would you advise? Should we get rid of all the profits earned or should we keep it?
And how will zakat be calculated on the savings, my relative did not pay zakat for their savings for the past 5years, so should zakat be calculated with the halal savings that my relative had for the five years or should zakat be calculated with the savings alongside the profits earned?
If my relative decides to keep the interest money, could I go ahead without their consent and get rid of the interest money to charity? (I have the ability to access their accounts etc). Interest is haram – I have the power to get rid of the interest money with my own hands, and I will do it regardless of the outcome (relative or parent). But does Islam allow me to do this?

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Asked on November 16, 2012 12:25 pm
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Regard it as interest.
Dispose of the 'earning' calculate on the capital
Better take their permission and dispose of the interest. It does not belong to you thus you have technically no right on that money.
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Answered on November 16, 2012 12:25 pm