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I have a nagging feeling that has caused me to write to you. I have been on your website and others reading the Q&A to obtain an answer. I am a single parent and do not have anyone I can rely on financially. I was asked to accept a voluntarily resignation in December from an Insurance company I worked for because they had issues with my islamic dressing. One of their complaints was that I was not a team player because I refused to attend their monthly entertainment functions and lunches. I have been trying since December to obtain a job with halaal rizq. Alhamdulillah I make shukr there is a lot of barakah in our home and I have been able to make my ibaadah in peace and contentment. Now I sit in a situation where another insurance company is interested in employing me. I have discuss this issue with respected muslims that have advised that I should go for the interview and take the position whilst looking for a job with halaal rizq.
The nagging feelings I have and no one seem to understand which I need clarity with is:

1. I have no interest or desire to go back and work in insurance.

2. Allah Ta’Allah has blessed us with barakah, what if this a test to see whether I would be ungrateful and take the position.

3. If I do take the job I would spend less effort and have less time to look for a job with halaal rizq.
I have read on your website that you say its permissible but makrooh. Please help me to make an islamic decision on my current situation.

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Asked on May 8, 2013 7:23 pm
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In your case do not go and get another job.
Allaah will give Barakaat (blessing). Be firm Allah in the only provider.

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Answered on May 8, 2013 7:23 pm