Women’s education and career

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Assalam ailykum

I have a question regarding muslim women studying further. I heard the Sheik on radio Al Ansar responding to question about studying in China. I have recently reverted to Islam and I attend Madressa class and am being taught by a male. I find that inappropriate, some issues are uncomfortable to discuss.I have looked for a Madressa class with female teachers but they are nowhere to be found. There is a shortage of female scholars in Islam but at the same time I hear that seeking knowledge is obligatory on every muslim.

1) Should the knowlegde of a female be limited to the basics of Islam?

2) Islam says men are our sustainers but sometimes thats not possible two incomes are necessary just to get by?

3) So how do I seek knowlegde as a Muslimah without compromising myself?�Can a Muslimah be a career woman?

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Asked on June 10, 2014 5:09 pm
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1) Basic Ilm is a necessity. We have endeavored to make all information available on this site to fulfill this necessity, especially for Muslims women whose Hijaab is of utmost importance. However, the learning of Arabic and proper Tajweed in order to recite Qur'aan should be sort out from a female teacher.

2) Cut down expenses and live simply then two incomes will not be necessary to survive on.

3) In this day and age there are many methods of seeking knowledge without having to compromise Hijaab- i.e. Correspondence courses. Hijaab should not and must not ever be compromised when seeking an education.

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Answered on June 10, 2014 5:09 pm