Wife saying she isnt a muslim in a drunken state

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as salaamu alaikum

i would like to forward a question to mufti elias saheb and would like to get an understanding and an answer to this:

a man has married a revert , as a few years have passed,an incident took place where this revert (wife) was in a drunken state,
upon that there was an argument between husband and wife,in that the wife stated that she is not a muslim so the islamic rules of the husband does not apply to her. (note that she did recite the kalima and currently is still a muslim). while in that argument the husband gives her 3 talaaqs after she had mentioned that she is not a muslim. (please note ,that the wife was a christian before)

after a few weeks have passed,the husband mentioned that the nikah was broken due to her mentioning such words,so his 3 talaaqs that he had issued was infact invalid and that the nikah was broken when she had mentioned she is not a muslim anymore. so he advised her to read the kalima again and they had performed a new nikah.

what is the validation of this nikah?

is it the correct ruling in islam that this husband had adopted?

does the 3 talaaqs fall in to place that the husband had uttered as he mentioned he was angry when doing so?

please advise . awaiting your reply


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Asked on November 3, 2009 12:00 am
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The correct procedure was followed.
Talaaq is valid in the state of anger. Or jokingly

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Answered on November 3, 2009 12:00 am