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I am an in my early fifties and 2 yrs ago i had a heart attack and that is when all my major problems began i subsequently lost my business. on the very day that i came out of hospital my wife of 24 yrs insisted that she wants to go overseas with her parents which i refused and after having a talk to her father she finally relented .i have 3 wonderful children and i make shukr for that .my wife has never stood by me in my time of need. her family now is getting involved in my life she cannot see her brothers doing any wrong even at the expense of her children . she lies and decieves me and my children .i still continue running the house so it is not money matters . my daughter is really suffering.( by the way she finally went overseas this year) yes mufti i do get very very angry when she lies to me ( i donot assault her). I really do not know what she wants from me we are fighting every week and i am tired. mufti please advise what shall i do i worry about my daughter because she sees and hears all that is happening she is at home my other 2 children are at college out of town

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Asked on January 6, 2009 12:00 am
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Follow the procedure Shariaat wants

1) Seperate beds

2) Do not eat her food

3) Do not quarrel in front of the children.

4) Get elders from her side and elders from your side to intervene.

5) Use Shaari principle to decide matters.

6) Gel local Ulema to mediate a solution.

7) Be regular in practice of Shariaat especially Salaat

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