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Aslaam alaikum

A Muslim husband and his wife go on a holiday to Pakistan. One of the days their relatives take them out on a tour/sight seeing etc. they went to museums, parks, villages etc. one of the places they were taken to was a Guru Nanak temple. This temple is a famous for guru nanak’s hand print called ‘Panja’.
The husband wasn’t happy going into the temple. The wife had to cover her head with a head scarf as this is what Sikhs do when they enter the temple.

The guide took them to a water area like a shallow swimming pool. Then the guide asked them to take off their shoes. The husband decided that he is not taking off his shoes and didn’t go any further. The wife took her shoes off and went on to see this guru nanak’s hand print. The hand print was in the water, so in order to see it properly the wife put one foot into the water and leaned forward to see the hand print.

Does the covering the head with scarf when entering the temple and taking shoes off make the wife non Muslim as this could have been done not to disrespect.

Does such visit/tour to see guru nanak’s hand print make the husband and wife non Muslims?

Both the Muslim husband and wife have no intention of Kufr.


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Asked on November 26, 2013 8:36 pm
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These are all sinful acts of Shirk and Kufr. One must make a sicnere Taubah and make a lot of Istikhfaar.
Although both husband and wife do not leave the fold of Islaam.

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Answered on November 26, 2013 8:36 pm