Who can see the future

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Salam mufti ,
I need your help I’m in deep tension regarding my future.

I fell in love with a guy and due to keeping it halaal. , he asked for my hand for engagement. He shared with me everything. His parents aren’t in good terms for the past years. His father does haram dealings and commissions he is involved with female relations and everyone knows his habits.
My guy S told me the truth. And he is different.
So my parents didn’t know all this in detial. I felt if they know they can reject S just because of his father’s life.
I got engaged in january.
My mom asked a sayeed about my future and he said ” very abusive and fighting family , how could you do rishta with them? ”

This made my parents caution. And my parents then got to know about his father.
Today I’m in depression. Don’t know if I will marry him or not.
He is different and does not have the character of his father.
My parents meet him and also feel he is good
. But how can my parents ignore his father? The sayeed’s words

I don’t want to break the rishta mufti.
Tell me is future known to people or Allah alone.

Tell me what should I do.
When my parents saying me what if S also turns lik his dad?
All the “what if’s are killing me

Please help.

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Asked on May 24, 2013 8:05 am
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Donot worry about 'Sayeeds' words. Mo one knows the future. Make Istikhaara.

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Answered on May 24, 2013 8:05 am