Where can one find an English Kitaab with regard to Islam and its rulings?

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16 Ramadaan 1432AH
16 August 2011
Honourable Hazrath Mufti Saheb.
May your Fuyoodh endure for a long time.
I humbly request Mufti Saheb to inform me of a kitab in english either available from Mufti Sahebs booklist or from other which can be used for Adult Classes. It is requested if possible that the material should be in a simple and easy to understand format and contain aspects such as Aqaaid(incl Bidah and Shirk), Fiqh, Marriage, Family, Islamic Will, Maladies of the Heart, Akhlaaq, Business and Social Etiquette, basic History, simple Duas, Sunnats, simple tafseer of Surah Fatiha and the last ten Surahs, etc.
In essence a kitab which can be used to educate the adults on the important aspects of their life. The kitab can be used in halqahs in musjids to teach the males for adult classes. It may also be used for females at home. This kitab can be used as a set kitab(textbook) for adults.
Should there be no such kitab currently available this insignificant servant, deficient in understanding and foresight humbly requests Hazrath if such a kitab can be considered.
Do forgive this servant for lack of etiquette.
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Asked on August 21, 2011 3:51 pm
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Use and combine a few books:-
1) Taleemul Islaam
2) Taleem-ud-Deen - (on site)
3) Aqaaidus Islaam - (on site)
4) Admonition for the neglectful - (on site)
5) Illuminating Discourses of the Quraan - Last part

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Answered on August 21, 2011 3:51 pm