What to read for the deceased

Mufti saheb

I have lost my beloved father a week ago what is the best thing to read at his graveside besides Surah Yaseen and Surah Iklaas.

I recite Surah Yaseen every morning and 3 kuls 3 times each after every salaah is this correct and also how in words do I send essale sawaab

Is it sunnat to visit the grave every Jumah after Fajr?


1 thought on “What to read for the deceased”

  1. It is not Sunnat to visit the grave every Jumu’ah after Fajr. Before reciting any Qur’aan, whether it be Surah Yaseen or Surah Ikhlaas, make intention: ‘Oh Allaah, this recitation is for my father’.