What should one do if one notices Bidah?

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Asalamu alaikum wa rahmatullah In response to quest 5261. Many ask me the same question that how come my family being bidati sent me to a deobandi madrasa.i always say allah does as he wills. Many times my family would think of taking me out of the madrasa but becaus i showd them im a beter person and wouldnt show anger at their bidati actions they alowd me to complet.but now things hav bekum dificult as i witnes their bidati actions n they acpect me to accept even wen they go darbars i cant do nythn. My teachers cannot help as they even decided not to speak to my parents. I feel alone n stuck. What can i do? Parents have cursd me like go to hel, may ur grav b dug, u wil neva b succesful in life n dad even said get lost where ever u want. Thev said all this to me just bcz i want to folow al of islam n want others to do the same. Sometimes i wish they threw me out, so that i could learn n teach more instead of feeling like a prisoner not being abl to teach to people who want to learn. I see my situation similar to the sahabas ra who would even get beaten for their imaan,im very confusd my parents r muslim yet iwonder r they? They r involvd in major shirk, whats the diference between them n the jahils of the past? They belivd in allah but had different idols for difernt wants, n these ppl beliv allah n belive in many darbars one darbar wil cure their eyes another darbar gives them a child. I am so confusd, sumtimes i beliv its perfectly fine to leave them y not? Ibrahim as left his dad, originaly i live in the west and i have come in the east n have seen n heard from my parents what i never acpected. Plz mufti sahib advice. What can i do? What am i allowed to do? Even til now i witnes their bidaat n can do nothn

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Asked on May 7, 2010 12:00 am
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Make a lot of Sabr and Duaa.
Increase Nafl Salaat at home, also Quraan Tilawaat.
Do not leave until thrown out.
Try to get a steady teaching job. Do not try to win the argument. Win them with kindness and good bahaviour.

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Answered on May 7, 2010 12:00 am