What should one do if one cannot wear Niqaab to work?

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I am a divorced for many years. I wear the nikaab to work however I am not allowed to wear it due to please see reply from our Human Resources Director
please see reply
“whilst understanding of your own faith, there are some concerns around how some staff and customers will react, on the basis that other staff will also request other forms of dress be allowed (based on faith and/or traditional values). Security concerns have also been cited”.
It is extremly diffulty working in an environment with mix genders. I do try my utmost only talk business and not mingle with the opposite sexes in any way .Please help how do I make my comanpy understand that it is not easy for me take it off when I am at work. I am trying to sell my house so that I can stay at homeand support my three kids from home but this takes some time.
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Asked on February 15, 2011 3:27 pm
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We make Duaa you get financial independence.
We do not suggest or encourage women working for the very same reasons cited.
Every religion has Rules, regulations, checks, balances.
Our Deen stresses morality and modesty control.
Thus this code of dress.
These days with metal detectors security check can be done.

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Answered on February 15, 2011 3:27 pm