What should be done if the man one wants to marry is not divorced

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asalaamualaikum mufti
jazakallah for Mufti’s response to my question no 5807. it has now come to my attention that the man i would like to marry, is not really divorced from his 1st wife. he says they are not divorced and that he will not give her the divorce until she signs over the house to him.(he bought a house and put it on her name when they were together).according to her she got a khula from someone who writes books-not a mufti.she did not give anything back to him as in the case of a khula. she sat in iddat as well.are they really divorced or still married.
was salaam

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Asked on August 29, 2010 12:00 am
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Kindly take your case to your local Darul Uloom let the Muftis collectively decide.
I do not think that the divorce is effective.

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Answered on August 29, 2010 12:00 am