What should be done if ones wife treats ones mother badly?

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Aw Mufti Saab
i got married about a year ago. I had an arranged marriage.
My mother is a single parent, have very bad jadoo, old and not healthy any more and before marriage I asked the girl if she is willing to live with my mother and she knew about all my mothers illnesses. Before marriage everything was yes. But now everything is a problem to her and her family. My elder sister and brother comes home to see my mother and occasionally have a meal which my mother prepares with us is also a problem to her and her family
I was accused of throwing her out of the house and beating her.
I was told by her father to go sleep with my mother. These words have affected me so badly that recently I could’nt get arroused for my wife and I havent slept with her for few months now.
My sister was called a B***h by her father.
I fully support my wife. She does not work or do anything in the house also.
she is cuurently studying through Unisa and I was told that her studies is not my business, therefore when there is anything concerning her studies i send her to her parents house. She is currently at her parents house regarding her teaching practice.
My wifes father is always swearing my family.
Recently my wifes father, Grandfather and uncle came to beat me up but they could’nt. My wife have been carrying my house stories to her parents all along and recently I told her she cannot phone har parents any more & if she wants to it must be when I am present. My mother treated my wife better than how her mother treats her. She was given everything. My mother as old and sickly as she is still goes out to work in the afternoons in a madressa. everything my mother still does in the mornings before madressa.
Muft saab some times my mother is not well at night and I sit in her room till my mummy fall asleep, thats also a problem to my wife and her family.
Muft saab also I have a very bad temper and if I have to see her father, i am going to beat him up very badly.
anything I tell my wife is a joke to her, or she does the complete opposite of it
Recently shes been nagging to come back home and her father also beats her up, telling her to break her marriage.
Mufti Saab this is only the main things. There are also many other things happening
Mufti Saab this thing shave been going on for the last 9 months out of one year married
Mufti saab Could you kindly advice me on what to do?

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Asked on May 23, 2010 12:00 am
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Contact care line, crises centre, those that signed your Nikah certificate contact them to intervece in your problem.
It is best to get neutral parties to sort out this matter before divorce takes place.

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Answered on May 23, 2010 12:00 am