What should be done if ones husband does not approve of ones parents calling one on a dialy basis

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I have been married for just over one year. Alhumdullilah, we have been most happy, except for one aspect. My husband gets very irritated whenever my parents/family call me. He states that their calls are excessive and unnecessary. He feels that it interferes with him and our life. (note, the calls in no way influence my behavior toward him, as the calls are of a casual nature, they are there to simply say hello and how are you and how was your day)
I must add that normally, I will speak to my mum/family once a day, in the evening. Furthermore if we were to go on trips, then my family would be concerned and will call every now and then to check if we okay. he finds this excessive.
I would also like to note that my family keeps in touch more often or is more close knit than his family. I assume that this is why he finds the calls from my family unnecessary.
If I were to tell my parents they would be shattered at the thought of not being able to keep into normal contact. but at the same time my husband gets very upset when i simply communicate with them
Please advise what can I do?

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Asked on April 22, 2010 12:00 am
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Follow and keep your husband happily. Your family must trust your husband.
He does not have to be henpecked, allow him his space. It is time your family leave you to grow up at this stage you are saying there is not interference, sooner or later it will start.

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Answered on April 22, 2010 12:00 am