What should be done if ones family passes comments because one is in abaya and scarf?

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As salaam mualaykum mufti
I trust that you are well
mufti i hope that you will be able to advise me on this matter.

i am a 23 year old female i am not married and over the past year i have under went many changes i started to wear scarf and shukr after the end of ramdaan last year i have started to wear abaya and scarf.
i come from a very modern family and despite this and the hurtful remarks that get passed my way i still wear my abaya with great joy and happinness. however when we go out as a family i sense that they feel odd being with me because i am the only female in abaya. i feel alone sometimes as my mother and sisters do not understand why i changed and why i wish to wear the niqaab inshallah

as a family we have not read namaaz in jamaat in a very long time and it hurts me because sometimes i struggle to read my namaaz on time and regularly as shaytaan sometimes distracts me from it. normally before i read namaaz i normally ask the family who will join me for namaaz and they dont answer me so i read on my own

mufti i have listened to your lectures and you have stated that if you want the females to dress properly you should address the males and vice versa how do i achieve this with my family?how do i make them aware about reading namaaz more regularly. how do i bring unity back to the family?how do i make my sisters and mother see that its not only about wearing the scarf that their manners and behaviour should change as well?
sometimes mufti i get really sad when i think of the azaab of the qabr and i cry making dua that the almighty saves my family from it. and i get very sad too when they pass comments that hurt as i feel so mis understood by those whom i love dearly.
sometimes i want to just don the niqaab hoping that it would inspire them and they would understand why i am doing it, yet so many people have told me not to as they feel it would alienate me from my family further. and that i should wait till i am married inshallah to do the things i desire. should i sit them down and explain to them what my heart desires even though they might not understand and still pass comments that hurt? or should i wait till i get married inshallah ameen
maaf mufti for taking up so much of your time
and jazakullah for your help
may Allah ta alaa reward you inshallah ameen

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Asked on March 16, 2010 12:00 am
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You should be extremely steadfast. You should increase the actions in the positive directions. The more Islaamic you become, the more effect is will have.
Read more Quraan and make Duaa, eventually Truth will prevail.
Move towards Hijaab also.
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Answered on March 16, 2010 12:00 am