What sandles should be worn with ones Ihraam

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Insha Allah i will be going for Hajj this year. I have mixed advice with regards to the type of Hajj sandal to purchase. I got advice from previous Hajji’s and online research, including your site.
I found the following information online: http://www.jamiat.co.za/newsletter/online_newsletter_0126.htm
Jamiatul Ulama,Online Newsletter,Vol.: 1 No:26 9 Shawwal 1427 1427/ 1 November 2006
Question: What type of sandal
may one wear when in ihram?
Answer: You may wear any type of sandal as long as the area of the lace (from the area of the metatarsals upward) remain exposed. Furthermore, it is also
a requirement that the tarsus (the joint that joins the foot to the shin) remain uncovered. In other words, there should not be any strap around this area (tarsus) that normally holds the sandal firmly onto the foot.It does not, however, matter whether other parts of the sandal has stitching or not, or whether its made of plastic, rubber, material, leather, etc
And Allah Ta’aala knows best
when i related my findings with a few brothers, some wore sandals that were totally opposite to what is stated above. i am not trying to find a fatwa which suites me , i just need clarity on the issue, so i may purchase my sandal and perform my Hajj.

on your site:QUESTION NO: 4465-2009/11/03
Are the sandals sold at the CII store accceptable for Hajj? The distance between the top and bottom strap in 5cm. Is this adequate?

Your answer – Yes
In the question above it is stated that there is a strap.
are we allowed to have any strap over the foot, which comes just below the ankle’s leaving them exposed?
Your detailed advice is most appreciated.

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Asked on September 7, 2010 12:00 am
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As long as the metatarsals are exposed, stops can be below it or above it.
As long as the torsos is open, visible, straps along do not interfere with the validity of the sandals.
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Answered on September 7, 2010 12:00 am