What response should be given to people if one doesn?t cook in ones mother in laws house?

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Salaams Respected Mufti,
I live with my in laws and I am not given a chance to do anything in the kitchen apart from making tea and my husband’s and my breakfast. I enjoy making my own meals at times. When people ask me who cooks in the house I say my mother in law and I praise her since I do not want to say anything nasty about her since she is not a bad person. However, I feel this makes me look lazy. My reply stops people from asking further questions but I am tired of being asked such questions
I do have a full time job and I go into work in the weekends and in the evenings on occasion. I help with some of the domestic chores at home as well.
Please advise me on this matter. What response can I give people?

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Asked on August 15, 2010 12:00 am
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We do not encourage females to work outside the home, especially in the evenings.
You do as much as possible to serve your husband and maintain the peace by silence.

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