What can one do if ones wife wants to live a modern lifestyle?

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Salaams To All.
I was married for 7yrs and then my wife behaviour was very strange, she started going out,goin on mxit and having friends that were influencing her wrongly.
When I found love cards from another man i assumed she was having an affair and gave her 1 talaaq. I am islamicaly divorced for 14 months now.
I still have very strong feeling for her and this is not going away no matter how much i try. We have 2 kids.
We have been speaking over the last few months to get back together and live a proper islamic life.
The main problem is that she has a close muslim friend who was an ex-model for Miss India South Africa, her values are not islamic at all, her dressing is totally unislamic and constantly goes to clubs for promotions etc.(Allah is the best judge)
All over sudden she now wants to move in with this girl. How do i protect her as i know that she is going to ruin her life in the long term.
She wants to live this totally modern life. They went for the Akon Concert last night.
She now does not want to get back too soon because she says that she wants to experience life first. I just dont know what to do Mufti Saab.
I am going into a depression.
I need your guidance in detail.
May Allah reward you

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Asked on April 22, 2010 12:00 am
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Marry her. Secure the children. Make effort all the time for another child. Keep her occupied. Be with her most of non-working time. Go for Islaamic councelling. Let her get involved with the local ladies Tabligh programme.

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Answered on April 22, 2010 12:00 am