What can one do if one cannot keep ones wudhu?

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Aslamualakum Mufti Saheb
I am not sure if i fall into the category of Mzr so i have listed out my problem below to seek your advise
I have a problem keeping my wudhu due to constantly passing wind during the course of the day and this coincides with all the prayer times.
I have detailed out below the prayer times and how and when it effects me:

Fajr : It effects me mostly during this time, from the time i wake up and the time it stops varies
Zohr : I can keep my wudhue abit better but it varies from day to day
Asr : I Here it varies
Magrhib : Somedays i can keep my wuhdue and most days i cant
Esha : Same as Magrhib
This has been going on for some time and now i am becoming despondent because reading Quraan is difficult as i keep stressing that my wudhu will break and that i will have to keep having to renew my wudhu but most times while reading i have to renew due to wind passing
Reading Salaat with concentration is also becoming very difficult as in namaaz i keep dwelling and stressing that my wudhu will break.At times when i feel like its going to break i keep it in.
In ramadhaan its gets worse and its preventing me from making the most of this month as i know i can read more and do more had it not been for this passing of wind effecting me.
I have lessend my food intake quite drastically and also visited a hakim but is still to no avail

Please advise on what i can do because i want to continue reading Quraan and performing Salaat with the best of co

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Asked on August 26, 2010 12:00 am
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You are not a Mazoor
For you can make Wudhu and a 4 Rakaat Salaat without passing wind.
Read Quraan, turn pages with cloth.
Address your stress, depression, tenion problems, that is the root cause of your problems.

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Answered on August 26, 2010 12:00 am