What can be done if one has problems with ones inlaws and husband?

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Salaam Mufti
my husband and i have been married for 2 and half years, last year he had given me 1 talaaq however after the iddat period expired we had arranged to get back together….a condition was that we will have to live with his parents and they have an outhouse.
the house was not done and still need to be tiled, furnished etc..once this was done we had moved in with the agreement that we will be staying there for a year since my husband was supposed to have started studying and did not have money for rent elsewhere….
the money that was saved up for studying was used in his parents house as the mother had asked him to help out….my husband is nolonger studying and can now afford to put us in our own place, my in laws are not the worst that i know however they always want us to be home and when i visit my parents and come back then my mother in law is upset with us.
i have ignored it and just moved on however it happens time and time again and its come to a point that i can not take anymore , this is just ONE issue amongst many others…i can not go out with my husband for one day and the next day i have to stay at home and do household chores for them because the previous day i was not at home.

i work monday to friday and the weekends are the only time that we get to spend together…i have considered leaving work many atimes however my husband is not too keen on the idea as he says that he wants to buy himself a car as well and he needs the money however every month he can not save money since he has to help his parents even though his fathers works and earns queit a high amount every month….
i have a car which i am still paying off and my husband refuses to take it over as i just have 1 year left on it however he is the one who uses it 90% of the time….
please can i get some advuce reagrding :
1. My living area, i have time and time again asked my husband to please move on our own and i am even willing to pay the rent for us to which he refuses as he says he spent lots of money on teh outbuliding and is not willing to move out so soon maybe after a few years.
2.do i have a ritgh to ask for my own place since i am aware of my husbands financial situtaion and i know he can afford to be on our own since we have done it before the talaaq took place.
3.i would like to leave work and stay at home as i am aware its not advisable for a woman to be at work , however being in the same house with my in laws all the time will not be healthy…please advise on point 3
Jazakallah for your time

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Asked on March 23, 2010 12:00 am
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You may ask for seperate accomodation.
Better to leave work, get separate accomodation.
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Answered on March 23, 2010 12:00 am