Validity of combined qurbaani

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Assalamu alaikum,
Respected Mufti Sahab, I want to know if Ijtemai(combined) qurbani is ok and valid or not. Like in India some people in the city like Kolkata (west bengal) do not have enough space to keep animals like cow, camel etc nor due to circumstances. So people gather money say Rs 1500 per head or 3500 per person etc so from each individual according to their shares who are willing to do qurbani, they collect it and do qurbani at their village where they run madrasah. The meat will not be given to the people who contributed money as it is not possible for the people there to bring the meat to the city to give to respective people. Yes, If the one who contributed money can go to their place i.e. madrasah where qurbani was done and bring their own share themselves they can go and get it. There is no objection.

1) Here I want to ask whether this kind of Qurbani is valid and is giving money on whom the qurbani has become wajib and by doing qurbani this way will his qurbani be done or not and it will still be wajib on him until and unless he does it in his native place and does it himself.

2) Secondly the shares which have to be taken out from the qurbani meat like share of Relatives, Neighbours and Poor. This cannot be done. As the qurbani is taking place elsewhere and there the related person distributes the meat to the poor and needy and to other poor madrasahs and people and children. This is done after telling and instructing the person from whom the money is taken that you will not get the meat and the meat will be distributed to the poor and needy ones. So when the person agrees then the person takes the money from him for qurbani .So will the qurbani be fulfilled on behalf of the person who has donated the money though he did not get even a single share of the qurbani animal. Is qurbani this way. Then the relatives and neighbours of this person might ask that what happened to your qurbani meat as we did not get anything. Will there be any sin for not giving their share?

3.) Thirdly suppose we bought a Cow for qurbani. My brother in law also bought a cow for qurbani and my neighbour also bought a Cow for qurbani. Now after the slaughter the three share has to be done. One for yourself, one for the poor and one for the neighbour. So this will be done on all the cows bought by each one of the above. Now my relative is my brother in law and vice versa, so he is giving me meat and I am giving him meat. Likewise my neighbour is giving me meat and I am giving my neighbour meat.
The question is some one said those who do qurbani, they should not give the meat to other person who has done qurbani also, but the meat should be given to the poor and needy and relatives who has not done qurbani. Is this correct or we can give to the poor relatives and needy person and also to the person who has done qurbani. What is correct.

4) Can all the meat of qurbani be given out to the needy and poor without any shares taken out for others like shares of relatives and neighbours.

5) Suppose a persons Income is haram but he has enough money to pay zakat and do qurbani. But he says that from the haram money zakat and qurbani is not valid and so does not give zakat and does not do qurbani. He says Allah accepts Halal money. Is this correct. What is the way out for such a person who has haram income but is Sahabe Nisab in Ramadhan and in the days of Qurbani.? Can he just leave out these Ahkaam of Shariat.

6) Suppose a person has mixed income. Majority of his income is haram and some are halal and he does not keep it separate. So can he give zakat and do qurbani from this mixed income and will it be valid and accepted. Can other people eat this qurbani meat as it is bought and slaughtered from mixed income.

Jazzak Allah!

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Asked on September 29, 2014 5:20 pm
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1) The method as you have described is permissible.

2) Dividing Qurbaani into 3 parts is Mustahab. The Qurbaani will be done on behalf of the shareholders although they do not or did not get any meat thereof.

3) You can give meat to the other one who has done Qurbaani, also to the relatives, neighbors, rich, or poor Muslims.

4) Yes.

5) Tell him to take a loan from a non-Muslim. Pay the Zakaat and do the Qurbaani. Pay back the loan.

6) Do as (5) then others can eat thereof.

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Answered on September 29, 2014 5:20 pm