Ustaz not following the sunnah

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I am a very strict person about following the sunnah and try to encourage people to do so, I have a beard and dont put my pants below the ankle.
Recently, in our area, a Qaree for the Quran came from Azhar from Egypt to our mosque for Ramadan for taraweeh, and then he decided to stay in America for personal reasons and to teach people and kids Quran, and since he is an expert in all 10 Qiraat, the masjid board decided to keep him and pay him a salary to teach Quran in the masjid, which alhamdulilah is a good achievement for a place like America.
My father wanted me to take advantage of him in the sense that I should be one of his first students before he gets packed with other people, I told my dad that this person is without a doubt very knowledge in Quran but the problem is that he shaves and trims and makes Isbal of his Gilbab and pants even when he stands for Imama, and as I said I am very strict about these two things, my dad started speaking with me and told me to start with him, so I did because I dont want to cause any problems, and I said to myself perhaps if I start with him he could later change inshalaa.
I have been memozring Quran with him for about a month and a half, my beloved mufties, Allah is the witness I hate him in the sake of Allah just for the beard and for Isbal of his pants and gilbab, subhanallah, even when I am not with him I have hate towards him just because of this thing which is a strange feeling of a student to have for his Ustaz, but I believe I have a reason to have such hate in the sake of Allah because he is disobeying Allah and this Ilm of deen is verily sacred and we should watch who we receive it from and you know more than me about these issues. In our masjid, not to have kibr, but I am the only one who follows the sunnah, and as a result people look up to me and I think I should have a good expamle for others, May Allah forgive I am not trying to have Kibr.

My question to you is that should I leave him and ask allah to bring me a pious Ustaz?

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Asked on April 18, 2008 12:00 am
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You should continue studying. Then admonish the Ustaad accordingly. Meanwhile look for another proper Ustaad. Hold fast to the Sunnah. The love for Allaah and hate for Allaah should continue. Also make duaa for your Ustaad all the time. After trying a lot then we can make another move.
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Answered on April 18, 2008 12:00 am