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Assalamu Alaykum,
Please ignore question 7321 submitted earlier today. The correct question is below:
I had a wet dream this morning. I went in the bath. I felt as though napaaki touched my foot as I removed my trousers. I therefore did not wear my slippers after removing my trousers. I thought, I will use the toilet, perform istinja and go straight in the bath. However, after my feet touched the toilet/bathroom floor, I had a strong sensation in me, which suggested that after having put my feet on the potentially napaak floor, I may have worn my slippers by mistake. I therefore washed my slippers thoroughly and put them on one side ready to wear.
When I finished showering, I was reluctant to put the slippers on the floor because I thought they are still so wet. If I put them on the floor and wear them, water may soak through from the bottom to my feet and I don’t know whether the water from the floor is paak. Eventually I decided if I place the slippers in an area where there is least likely to be napaaki, that would be the best. This caused me to put the slippers at a distance from the bath, which means I had to reach for it. This caused me to touch the tiled wall in order to gain balance.
The tiled wall is potentially napaak because a week earlier my wife wiped it with the same cloth that she had used to wipe the bath tub. She wiped an area of the bath tub where I had placed a napaak shaver. The shaver was napaak because, at the time of removing pubic hair, urine drops inadvertently came out as did some pre-ejaculatory fluid. I forgot to wash this area of the bath tub and hence my wife wiped it with a cloth and then wiped the tiled wall.
As I reached for the slippers mhalf of my right foot landed in the slipper, the other half was outside but did not touch the floor. As a precautionary measure, I washed my right foot and re-wore my slipper. At the same time, in a panic, I may have touched the painted bathroom door and a painted wall with wet hands. It is probable the door was painted using a brush made from pig bristles.
Having touched the tiled wall and possibly the bathroom door with wet hands, I then exited the bathroom. As my hands were wet, water inevitably dripped from my hands on to the bedroom carpet. Is the carpet to be regarded as paak to walk on with wet feet after wudhu/ghusl and to perform Salah on? If not, please advise precisely how to make the carpet paak?
NB: I cannot rest until I know the answer. Please therefore respond as a matter of urgency

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Asked on November 16, 2012 12:01 pm
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You are developing into a super cautious doubtful person. Soon you will run into untold uncontrollable trouble by which you will find it hard to live. Beware. Carpet is paak.
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Answered on November 16, 2012 12:01 pm