Use of excess funds

Dear Mufti Saab,
Assallamualykum W.Wb.
I am asking a question on behalf of a Trust who runs Masjids and Madressas, Schools and Clinics.We had a executive committee meeting in which couple of members said to deposit excess money which we have in interest bearing account and use that money for Roads,Toilets,Walls,etc. There was disagreement, most members disagreed and was agreed to ask Mufti to address the question.
Please reply urgently. Jazakallah Khair.

1 thought on “Use of excess funds”

  1. It is permissible to put the money in a commercial bank. The interest thereof can be used to aid poor and needy Muslims and non-Muslims who are in dire straights. To use the interest money for the purposes that you have stated depends on the circumstances. Each is subjective to the situation.