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I am trying since 12 years to stand on feet so that I can start a business of my own but every time I failed this has resulted me in owing lot of monies to people. I am working with my in laws but the field I am actually in is not my field and it makes me feel ashame to take a monthly salary which does not reflect my job. And being fed by my in laws results in having to hear uneasy words.
I have lost huge amount of money in business and when the people want their money back (which are their dues) I have to lie and tell them that next week I will settle and it continues like that
My aim to start a food business of my own is that I can help my parents who are retired and also secure something for my kids. I feel that something very heavy on my heart when I cannot provide my kids, wife and parents with what they want. I need to tell here that we do not have any shortage of foods or clothes but when parents ask me for something, I just bypass as I cannot afford to. This really pains me.Being a human, I’ve sinned and sometimes I feel that Allah does not want to hear from me and I am condemn to pay for all my deeds. I do fear Allah but I feel that he is very very angry with me and my forgiveness is being rejected.
Brother, kindly advise me

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Asked on November 16, 2012 12:05 pm
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One has to face the reality of life. You cannot afford, you cannot afford. Do not beg, or go into future debt. Be moderate. Start paying even it be little to all. Start small business on the side. Once forgiveness has been sent, be confident and more forward. Have Sabr and make Duaa.
Become extremely regular in Salaat performance with Jamaat.
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Answered on November 16, 2012 12:05 pm