Uncertain of divorce

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Salaam, my husband and i have been seperated for a year and 8 months now.
we were going through divorce proceedings and he has already given me 2 talaaqs during the time that we were together.
We recently decided to see if we could possibly work through our differences because we have 2 kids and the whole divorce was having a negative effect on them.
At present the divorce is not finalised, the problem we have now is the Talaaq.
I know that once a Talaaq is given it can not be taken back and I have read that after every Talaaq given the couple should have been separated for a period in order for it to fall.
What happens in our case , both talaaqs were given when we were in an arguement and we did not seperate from each other. We were still together as husband and wife.When i left home in October 2006 he did not give another Talaaq.
We both agree that we want to get back together but dont want to decide anything until the topic of the talaaq is cleared.
Are we still divorced according to islam.

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Asked on August 14, 2008 12:00 am
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For validity of divorce there is no need for separation for a period.
That is not correct 2 Talaqs have been given and are valid. Reconcile.
One the 3rd Talaq is given the nikah is over totally and completely

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Answered on August 14, 2008 12:00 am