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Asalam Mufti

i am 24 years old and have recently began to establish my Salaat and try to not miss a salaat or catch it up on the same day .

My Question is for Umri qadha. I used to read salaat previously in my youth but used to missed some. For a about seven years ( say 13 to 19 years old) i did not keep a record of missed Sallah but performed some and missed some.

For the last 3 years i recorded the date of each missed Salaah. It was about 30 salaat of varias types ( fajr zohr asr etc) . I recently prayed them taking them by taking the date in intention as just PLAIN qadha salaat. i was also NOT cautious with the order ( praying all the farj first etc ) except i prayed the last 6 that were chronological in order ie the last 6 recorded salaats performed were the latest outanding in order.

1) the the above okay?

2) I have absolutely no idea how many salaats i have to make up for the my age 13 to 19 ( before the record and before i stared to be very punctual with salaat) . Im my heart i want to make up the following

2 years of Fajr
. 1.5 years of Asr
. 1 year Zohar
. 6 months Magrib
. 1.5 years Esha

Is it correct to just assume a figure based enttrily on feeling or guess ?

3) will it be permissible for me to pray umri qadha as follows:

once a day pray 2 or 3 fajr prayers (eg after esha ) until eventually 730 is fulfulled ( over 1 year or however long)?

then only after all fajr is fulfulled start with my Zohar etc ( in a years time aprroximatly)?

then after that Asr then Esha ?

Is this accaptable?

Jazkalah Ghair

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Asked on January 1, 1970 12:00 am
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Best, adopt this method.
First perform all your 2 years of Fajr, then 1.5 years of Asr and so on.
This is a simple and effective method.
Do not calculate merely on feeling or guess use a proper estimate method.

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Answered on January 1, 1970 12:00 am