Umrah and menses

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on performing umrah almost 2 yrs ago, after coming out of ihraam i noticed that my menses was not over as i had first thought. I sought advice and was told to perform damm & qadha umrah. i did the damm. On doing the qadha, again after coming out of ihraam i noticed an impurity on my underwear (either a thin streak of blood from piles or thin streak of stool) this was not present when i commenced the qadha umrah.
I decided to perform a third umrah with the intention of qadha. This time I was very bloated and started doubting if my wudhu was intact as i was not sure if wind was passed.
What should i do?

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Asked on June 3, 2010 12:00 am
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Regard it as done.
Do not have any doubt left in your mind.

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