Trasnsfer of impurity

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Dear brother i have ocd which made my life mesriable for past two year.

Before the last two year i didnt have enough knowledge of purity in islam and i took that issue very lightly but now i understand and follow it correctly to best of my ablity. But what it did in my past is haunting me.

Dear brother when i urinate some urine comes out after few minutes. I use to put tissue on my private part but when i had ocd and it dropped on the floor and washing was too much for me i stopped it. So i use to have najis underwear and when semen touched my underwear and then trouser i thought i dont become najis. But recently i came to urinate and semen does make things najis. Now i live in that state for sometime so most of the things in my house are najis. Like blanket bedsheet my clothes jumper what ahould i do. Washing them all would be impossible.!

I try to contact few people through email but no reply and this issue is killing me.
May Allah reward you, for your good work.!

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Asked on October 10, 2013 12:35 pm
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Write proper English.
Wash everything.

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