Transfering of najasat

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Dear brother as i have asked you that whether dry urine transfers when it come into contact with semen i had dry urine on my clothes and when i had a wet dream i woke up and checked the bed sheet and blanket but didnt see any wetness should i wash them. I doubt that it might have became dry or i didnt check properly. My mind says how didnt the wetness reach the bed sheet. But i checked and i didnt see any wetness and it gives me a hard time.

Also how about the cloth which might have semen and i have not washed if i have to wear it now should i wash them. I dont know which cloth have semen because most of the time my underwear has urine.

Also brother i heard that if urine is less than a circle inside the palm then if you dont wash it doesnt be considered najis. If that is the case then i am fine. But before i heard that it is one dhirm which is loke fifty pence here in england.

Here nearby there is no one to ask.

May Allah reward you, for your good work.!

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Asked on September 2, 2013 12:52 pm
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You must contact a pious reliable Alim and sit and explain to him in detail your condition. Let him guide. You have to be absolutely certain that is is 'Najis' in order to rule as 'Najis'. No ruling is given on doubt.

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Answered on September 2, 2013 12:52 pm