Transfer of najis

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Dear brother i am asking question after suffering a lot and i didnt find any good scholar who can answer.

Dear brother i know that this question is similar to the pervious but brother my OCD has became very extreme for the last few week. I need your help the most and i hope you would help me. May ALLAH grant you happiness.

Dear brother i would love to put my question on two section which is giving me very hard time. The urine and semen.

Brother i have lived in state of impurity all my life. But for last three years i am suffering from ocd. And that’s when i learn the fiqh of purity. The thing from which my ocd starts was that i didnt know that urine was najis and it can transfer. I once urinated accidently on toilet floor and the carpet in our toilet i didnt wash that for sometime when i found that urine is najis and transfer the thought wetness. I wash that place and the carpet. But i have doubt because my family makes wudhu and shower in toilet so before i wash those places najis spread. Also when making wudhu and they use the prayer mat does the prayer mat become najis. Also are their prayers valid.


Also i use to have semen on clothes without washing and it would touch blanket and my bed without washing. I would go to living room with wet semen on clothes and lay down. I will use home appliance. How can i wash them. Also last year i wore a big jumper and i saw that in the van in which we go
To work. In last few weeks it has been raining and my brothers wet jumper touched my jumper does that became najis.

When i see any old objective or clothes i think they are najis and washing everything is impossable.

Also in my work place i have worn najis clothes with semen i have worn masonry bag as well as touch the clothes which we put on table. Every thing in there are najis.

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Asked on November 5, 2013 1:32 pm
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As long as they put prayer mat on carpet and pray it is valid.

Semen which is wet, is impure and will transfer its impurity on another wet cloth - that area of contact only.

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Answered on November 5, 2013 1:32 pm