Thoughts of kufr

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Aslm Mufti saheb.
kindly advice when a person loses his imaan.
i am going through some diffuculties.
Constently thoughts are coming into my mind.
Very often when i am doing something i think the following.
If i do this or that i will die a kaafir or
If i do this or that i will lose my imaan.
These thoughts are really bothering me.
I try to make as much zikr as possible but at times i can not control.
i try to read all my salaahs, read quraan etc.
I am constently uneasy. i aso read alot Hasbunaluuwanimalwakkel.
i really fear losing my imaan and dying without imaan.
Kindly remember me in your duaas as well.
At times i really cant control these thoughts.
At times i am also shaking my head to avoid these thoughts and speaking to myself.
Kindly advice and mak duaa
. Jazaka Allah

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Asked on October 15, 2013 4:39 pm
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Contact your local Alim. Be friend him. Ask him to counsel you. Keep company with the pious.

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