Tasmiyyah ommited and jamiat denied access

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Respected Mufti, Jazak’Allah for ur answers.

Re Q2274,

RE: (1 & 2. )
we have taken 4 members of Jamiat kzn, including 2 of their executive,
1 being the Amir himself Mufti EMH Salejee,
they witnessed personally in the Musjid, the slaughterers themselves confirm

that Tasmiyah is being omitted on a vast but unknown number due to being ‘insaan’

& they also witnessed the slaughterers themselves state they are unable to guarantee accuracy in the determination & removal of dead birds…

i have also, just been informed by Mufti Salejee as the Amir of Jamiat KZN, A August and Sincere established Religious organisation with over 450 Ulama members,
that the Jamiat KZN has been denied access
AND their request 4 unfettered access to the plant has been declined.
They made this new request very recently, around the same time as the inspection on 28/10/08.

Question 1- What now?

Question 2- Please give the name / details of a Muslim Consumer Organisation that may have sufficient ability to respond effectively?

Thank You, Jazak’Allah, Was-Salaam

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Asked on December 9, 2008 12:00 am
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1) KZN Jamiat should be more pro-active
2) Trace on net
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Answered on December 9, 2008 12:00 am