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My question is regarding talaaq. I gave m wife one verbal talaaq and a few weeks later, i typed the words talaaq twice on one sms. My wife has served her idhaat, Are we officially divorced?
Is there any way i can get back with her, we still love each other and it was a massive misunderstanding and everything was said in anger. i have another question, which pertains to this, if i make my wife pregnant now, then surely the child cannot be born illegitamate and i can marry marry her again?

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Asked on November 16, 2012 12:11 pm
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1) It is humanly impossible to slaughter as per Shaari conditions 2 chickens in one second.
2) Whilst slaughtering the blood shoots on to the goggles, even after swiping then the vision is impeded.
3) Sanha paid Moulana supervisors only to come 10 to 15 minutes per 24 hours.
4) I asked the white man to put his hand in the water that shocks, he refused saying it is dangerous so what is happening to the chickens?
5) I asked the white supervisor to put his hand in the boiling water 0 he said too dangerous - it is scientifically proven that due to the heat of the water chicken meat is pre-cooked with the intestines and the Haraam parts of the chicken included.
6) Sanha is Mafia commercial racket backed by the Fordsburg Jamiat and Radio Islaam. They have convinced the Muslim masses to consume Haraam.
7) Sanha's chief Hafiz M.S. Navlakhi told me that why am I saying that these Chicken's are Haraam, do you do that to the poor, let alone a leg piece cannot afford the thigh piece, I replied, Halaal and Haraam does not depend on poor or wealthy.
8) One cannot just visit plants sanctioned by Sanha ?without prior arrangement and frustrating red tape. Appointment has to be make so that the 'act' can be put in place.
9) When Mufti E Salajee will visit the site himself then Insha Allaah his views will drastically change. He is currently being fooled by Sanha smooth agents who are professionals in presenting falsity as truth.
10) From the health aspect, (2012) the S.A. health minister advised that the public must abstain from eating commercial chickens due to the fluids injected into them. ?Also others say these cause cancer.
Sanha will not relent due to commercial implications
May Allaah grant all Hidayaat.

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