Take drugs for comfort

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i’m a 27 year old male. my parents divorced when i was a baby and my mother remarried when i was 9. my stepfather was on drugs at that time and would look for excuses to tell my mother to hit me. there were times that i would receive a beating from monday to thursday. the whole ordeal continued for about 3 years but this doesnt mean that the beatings had stopped. i would receive beatings whenever my mother was stressed out. there never had to be a reason, i would just get beaten. all of this has left me feeling bitter towards both of them although we are trying to mend our relationship. to make matters worse my mother would constantly tell me that i was ugly and this led to me taking drugs because it was the only time i could feel comfortable in my own skin.
alhamdulillah, i am now married and have vowed never to take drugs again. my wife is pregnant and with this new arrival i have found myself to be extremely emotionally charged towards my parents.
what is your opinion on this matter?

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Asked on July 20, 2008 12:00 am
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Make firm resolution never to go back to drugs
. Reform. Mae your life in accordance with Shariaat. Read Salaat regularly
. Recite little portions of Quraan daily, avoid bad company
. Do not concern yourself with parents. Abstain if you are going to do something wrong to them or you are going to verbally abuse them.

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Answered on July 20, 2008 12:00 am