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Assalaamualaikum Respected Mufti Saheb

1.Is it permissible to go to the ijtima?

2.Was there Tabligh Jamaat work in the Tariqah of Moulana Maseehullah,Haji Imdaadullah and Moulana Ashraf Ali Thanwi.?

3.Why is Mastooraat Jamaat not permissible?

4.Why do the Khalifahs Of Moulana Maseehullah in South-Africa not part of the Tabligh Jamaat?

5.A sheikhul-Hadith at Darul-Uloom Azaadviile in order to show the importance of a Chillah says that in the Haasha(side-notes) of Bukhaari Shareef it appears that those horses who run or train for a `chillah` are faster than those horses that never went for a Chillah!!!Please explain this properly?Isn`t he trying to give the impression that those who go for `chillah`(40 days) are better than those who don`t go for Chillah.Is this correct?

6.What is better?To go to the Khanqah or to go for Jamaat?

7.Should all the Ulema go for Jamaat?

8.After completing one`s Aalim Course the Tabligh Jamaat expect that all the final year students that have completed their Aalim Course should go for one year Jamaat?Is it better to start teaching or to go for Jamaat?

9.I am not trying to be against the Tabligh Jamaat,but is it correct for them to have a forcing attitude?

10.Some people of the Tabligh Jamaat create the impression that they are the only one`s which have Fikr for the Ummah!!!

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Asked on December 18, 2009 12:00 am
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1) Yes
2) They encouraged it. They approved of it.
3) This is my and other Ulema's point of view. The fitnah of the age and the Role of women is a matter of concern with the laws of Hijaab.
4) Ask them?
5) You should ask him. However, at times it is permissible to draw such deductions.
6) Depending on what is the need of the hour and need of the man. Both are good.
7) They should show support and participate as much as possible. An Alim should be active in some field or other - are we?
8) It is good so that one learns many aspects of Deen which are not taught in the Ulooms and also the proper focus of Deen is known.
9) When the phone is on fire one is forced out. Theur encouragmenet is at times interpreted as forcing.
10) This is their own enthusiusm.
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Answered on December 18, 2009 12:00 am