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Tableeg it self is the first stage or step towards ALLAHS System. But why TJ is reluctant to keep struck to this step and dont broaden up its perspective and change its manifesto towards some higher steps of amar bul maroof wa nahi anil munkar? because in this kufr system ( Materialism, capitalistic economy, communism or all other western ideologies) one cant practice True ISLAM. So these systems are BIGGEST FITNA of the current age and why TJ is not standing up or even say something about it despite of the fact that they are in such a great numbers, so they are making HUJAT on themselves while not protesting such Kafirana System.

My 2nd reservation is that they always approach people to boost up their emotions and by this they can convince only those people who already walking on the stright line or those who are deprived off by this Dajali System. No intelligentsia (Having significant roles in Dajali System) is effected by their efforts. I am not saying that their efforts are wrong, of course they will get their reward for their efforts but if they broaden up their menifesto and trained a decipled Jamat of muslims then they can implement the ISLAM easily as they are in GR8 Numbers!!.
Finally i have one more doubt that all TJ empisizes on Tazkia e Nafs ( Of course the base of a muslim personality) but why they dont do it via QURAN. Tazkia bl QURAN. They extract different tazkia steps just on the bases of fiqa (Hanfi etc.) Thats why one can understand ISLAM only as a religion not as a DEEN (Shoco economic Political system).

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Asked on September 16, 2008 12:00 am
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Indirectly the Jamaat addresses the concerns you have raised.
Also they have a method of acheiving their aims which are your goals also. One needs to understand this -
The Jamaat is Based upon the Quraan and Sunnat
. See a book called 'Tabligh Made Easy' article. (Still needs to be requested for website)

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Answered on September 16, 2008 12:00 am