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As salaam mu alai kum Mufti,

My questions relates to Sufism. I often meet people these days that say they are sufi. The little I know and the little reading I have done up on the subject is that Sufism is one of the highest spiritual orders in Islam. Only real special friends of allah have been included in this order or have become a sufi. When I observe these so called “sufis’ I have noticed something, dancing, drinking and sometimes womanizing are the order of the day. When I question them and say that’s not sufism they turn around and say, do some reading, one will find Rumi for example used to drink. I reply and say, well that was most probably was before allah had granted guidance. they turn around and say, well look at Turkey, many sufis came from there and Dancing was the order of the day. The turks even went as far as to have men dress with skirts and dance.

I am at a losS as to how to reply. They also look at India, qawalie, singing, dancing was part of the order.
I often tell them, most of what you guys are reading was written by so called western historians that travelled to islamic lands when Europe was in the crap, They fell in-love with these lands and what they reported was a so called “lovers” version of what they had seen. Also the so called muslim writers that have written books on the sufism, I have told them are so called muslim orientalist that wanted to please there master’s in the west. Drinking, womanizing etc. have no place in sufism. there is strict code these pious people followed not breaking all the laws of allah.
Please educate me on how I can reply to this version of sufism that’s based on doing what ever what wants and then calling one self a sufi? Many people are calling themselves sufi’s but when I look at their lifestyle…I think…ya right.

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Asked on September 24, 2014 8:24 pm
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There are spiritual systems in Sufism.

Drinking is a blatantly false accusation against Moulana Rumi. Dancing, jumping, quawalie, singing with musical instruments, womanizing, etc has got nothing to do with Islaam.

Sin, transgression, bid'at, and disobedience is being perpetrated under the guise of so-called 'Sufism'. Those who do so are ignoramuses of the highest order. They are evil-doers and open flagrant sinners of the lowest. They are followers of their baser, inner carnal animalistic desires. They are deviated and heading headlong for Jahannam. They have absolutely no Shaari, valid proofs for their nefarious activities. They are also academically bereft and mentally derailed. They are seekers of pomp, glory, and fame. Devils in sheep clothing.

Do not go near them. Shun them totally. They are utterly misguided and misleading.

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Answered on September 24, 2014 8:24 pm