Suffering from OCD-urine

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I am suffering from ocd .please help me to recover from the following doubts

1.I am working in a college while passing urine in the toilet I wash my private parts and legs but after coming outside there will be some water spread throughout the room while I walk over it I have one doubt that the water on the floor touches my saree and touches the feet of mine and makes my saree I pass urine only one time from 8 to 5.30.I am afraid that I will get a kidney problem because of it.

2.I pass urine and motion in western toilet during that time I have one doubt that the other persons in my home can pass the urine by standing so some drops may spread on the seat and it get transferred to my lap and makes me impure so I wash the entire seat before I pass that wetness makes me impure and while going motion the water in the toilet pan splashes on my backside so if I just wash it is enough or to take I wash everything from my hip but it is difficult for me to go outside and I cant go to a washroom on thr please help me to recover

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Asked on July 12, 2013 6:46 pm
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1) The water on the floor is not necessarily impure

2) Put toilet paper in the pan so that you do not have the back splash.

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Answered on July 12, 2013 6:46 pm