Suffering from many ailments

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Assalaamu laykum rspected Mufti sahib.

I do have a question.

I suffer from many aliments for many years. I am sick and weak all the time.
I try to live with what Allah Ta’ala puts on me but 2 things I really cant live with anymore, It’s driving me insane .

I can’t walk outside anymore, neither ride any transportation, which means I cant visit a doctor, neither get up and down easily. as I turn I feel very nauseatic, dizzy, get heat flushes and finally collapse in something similar to a seizure.
I had been diagnosed with a slipped disc in my lower back, besides many ailments, a local( faasiq hakeem who is not fasting, praying, smoking etc) .
So he bent back the slipped disc with his hands , since than I suffer from reoccurring vertigo, and the above and inability to tolerate any lights, white papers, fast movement and noise around me.
After years of treating me nothing got realistically better but worse, I became almost bed ridden,
Anyway I left him and we went to another doctor who diagnosed me with cervical spondylosis..

I am a strict hijaabiah and never leave my home and by now I even cant.
We went years for diagnostic and treatments, one after another without results .
I am at the point I want only quraan, dua or durood or thikr as a cure as I witness the good effect of it,
Could you find help please how can I treat this through the mentioned options so I can at least walk or ride in a transportation again. its not just silly motion sickness but wheneverI have to be exposed to the evil of the world outside our home I literally get sick..

Also I do suffer badly from a uterine/cervix polyp and really cant and do not want to expose myself and satr to any other person besides my husband and I do not want to get under a knife.

It scares the sanity out of me and in Pakistan there are rarely good doctors in any field and we cant afford treatment .

Please help.

My husband wrote surah muzammil as taweez as a cure for severe ailments which we read in a book.
also I do recite the manzil twice, read munajatil maqbol, and try my best to read the masnoon sura after each namaaz. we give sadaqa regular.


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Asked on March 18, 2014 12:27 pm
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After you read the Manzil blow on water, letting some of your saliva fall into the water then drink. Read the first Ayats of Surah Kahf daily for treatment. Use alternate medication; avoid operation.

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Answered on March 18, 2014 12:27 pm