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Assalam o alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakatahu,

Respected Mufti Elias Saheb, This I am writing with utmost greif and dejection, hoplessness and worry with the bottom of my heart. May my prayer be heard by the one and only, my Rabb and the Rubb of the whole Universe.
This is with reference to the question asked by me on 22/01/2014 the question id is 10629. The answer which you gave I am doing that i.e wearing the taweez and reading wazifa. But how many times the wazifa should be read like 100 times or more or less. Moreover I am reading the wazifa sometimes that is when I remember that I have to read wazifa then I read it and not sitting at one place and concentrating, but while walking on the road or while at home doing somthing etc. So has it to be done with full trust and concentration by sittling at a place or can I do it anytime at any place while doing any work also.
Secondly, how can I increase my trust or make my trust strong in Allah! What do I have to do for that. My mon says that it been so many months and I am unemployed whats the matter. She says to take off the taweez as no effect is seen till now. Mom also tells me to do other job like if I am not getting the job of Accounts then do job of a Salesman, or In a Call Centre or teach Tution. But I do not want to do these kind of jobs. I want to stick to my profession of Accounts. What do I do now as I am also becoming to think that yes noting is working for me. Though I am not very expert in Accounts and only a B.Com graduate not even a Chartered Accountant, so this may the reason that I am not getting a good job. Though I had done jobs of Accountant at previous organisations. But as I mentioned that due to some factor of the other I had to leave the job and find another one and this has been going on for the past 6 years and I am not stagnant at a particular organisation. The reason being that I do not get good salary for the Accounts job, or the timing is long hours, sometimes I am not given time to say my prayers and sometime I miss Jumah also, sometimes the collegues play tricks to throw me out of the organisation, sometime the job environment is not suitable and it is like working in a godown or a place where there is no proper hygiene and on a roof top of a building ets. So that is why I left the job and skip to another one or seeing the condition I do not join the office in the first case so that I do not have to face these problems and miss my namaz also for no good reason that also I get after a long period of 4 to 5 months. So I think it is better to say my namaz in time by being at home instead of joining work which might hamper my namaz and wait for the right job where I will get time to say my prayers, timing of work will also suit me, the enviornment will be good, salary will be better etc. But how long it is going to take. One more thing to be mentioned here that I am also working as a part time Accountant in a muslim institute in the evening. This I am doing for the past 7 years. The timing here is from 6.30 pm indian time to 9.30 or 10.00 pm indian time. So this is also one reason that I want the full time job till say 7 pm indian time, so that after finishing work from there I will come and do work in this muslim institue. In this case both my jobs will be there and also I will get my daily prayers and Ramadam Taraweeh also. I used to do this when I was working in the other organisation and use to tell the boss that I will work till say 7 o clock in the evening as I have to go to other place to work there as a part timer and they agreed. But now all organisations are agreeing to make their duty time shorter for me and I can understand this. Yet I am waiting for the right job where I can make up both.
I got jobs but for the above reason of timing etc I had to say no. So does this mean that I am rejecting the Rozi which I am getting and that is why I am punished and not not getting a job. Or what I am doing is correct and keep on looking for a suitable job.So what do I do. Please see to my problem and advice me accordingly my mentor and guide which Allah has provided me with his grace. I have written my heart out to you so that I might get a correct reply from an Alim and Mufti in the field relating to both Duniya and Aakhirah!

Awaiting your reply.

Jazzak Allah!

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Asked on March 14, 2014 1:48 pm
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Be steadfast in Salaat. Read Qur'aan daily. Read first 10 Ayaats of Surah Kahf daily. Upon entering your home, read Surah Ikhlaas 3 times after greeting (with 'Asalamualaikum') then talk. All your problems will be removed InshaAllaah.

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Answered on March 14, 2014 1:48 pm