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As Salaamualaykum;

I would like to know with regards to a statement made by a certain mufti;

While on a trip, a mufti from Johannesburg had seen one of his friends accompanying him having the majlis in his possession. On seeing the majlis he(mufti) remarked, why did you bring your own toilet paper with(referring to the majlis)?

Is this statement correct?

What is the state of one’s imaan especially after being aware of articles contained in the majlis publication, and thus remarking as such?


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Asked on January 9, 2009 12:00 am
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This is a statement of Kufr.
The 'Mufti' has blundered grossly. If he is indeed a 'Mufti', he himself will know where he stands and what to do. Sad to read and reply.

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