Slaughtering of birds

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As salaamu alaykum,

Respected Mufti, sanha have released a notice stating that independent Ulema from around the country have verified that the claims of

1. 35% birds are dead before slaughter;

2. Tasmiyah not being recited;

3. & line speed of 3 birds per second
are baseless and false.
i believe that you were 1 of the independent Ulema they are referring to.

Respectfully, i’d like to know how yourself and /or any of the other Ulema can say these are false and baseless when;

1. is referring to scientific and medical research which Ulema are unqualified to reject, and even if its not a constant 35%, birds DO DEFINITELY DIE PRE-SLAUGHTER, so its not baseless and not false as this is carrion mixed up and by your own admission there is no equipment to accurately determine without reasonable doubt which are dead are which are alive.

2. is referring to thousands of Tasmiyah required Daily, of which you’ll only witnessed a few min of, additional to the multiple affidavits of the slaughtermen themselves (both ex and current), affidavits which i have seen personally, so if the slaughterers themselves are saying in multiple sworn statements that Tasmiyah is not being done fully, how can this be rejected by you on the basis of sanhas inspectors word and your short visit.

& 3. is referring to line speeds of over 2 birds per sec, not 3 but almost there.
line speeds of 140 per min equate to well over 2 birds per sec.
so this too is not false and baseless

i would like to know how you accept sanha saying on the strength of your and the other Ulemas reputation that the 3 points are ‘false and baseless’, when as i explained from my own independent research that it may not be 100% accurate but it is certainly not false and baseless?

my second question is, have sanha acknowledged your recommendation to withdraw the certificate if the malpractices are not addressed and what response were you given?
my third question is that it is IMPOSSIBLE to get a constant voltage / charge and equally IMPOSSIBLE to maintain the temp in the scalder due to the dynamic changing /moving conditions, the scalder you called filthy, does the high temp in the scalder and the medical probability that the impurities are absorbed into the flesh not change the ‘halaal’ meat to makrooh or haraam as a result of the scalder process?


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Asked on November 24, 2008 12:00 am
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If you are confident of the affidavits then you must not eat.
Ask them
. Makrooh, did i say "filthy".

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Answered on November 24, 2008 12:00 am