Sister doing un-islamic things

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Assalamualaikum Mufti,

i am supporting and encouraging my husband to guide his sister and educate her about the danger of music as she is totally engrossed in it and movies and her dressing is totally unislamic amongst other bad habits, but they always end up fighting because she doesn’t feel that she is doing anything wrong. She says that if she was raoming the streets or going out with strange men then only is she doing something wrong. She feels that because she is already in her late thirties no one has the right to tell her anything, everybody should just leave her alone.

Because she is still unmarried, and doesn’t want to get married because she doesn’t want anyone telling her what to do, her brothers are still responsible for her and they should try to educate and guide her so as to try and save themselves from jahannam because there are four women who will take a man to jahannam and one of them is a sister.
This situation is extremely disturbing to my husband as his father fought with her for the same reason until he passed away. my husband now feels that he doesn’t want to live here anymore because he can’t tolerate seeing his sister astray and is unable to make her understand, instead they are becoming enemies.

Mufti what must we do? i told my husband that he can only make dua for her as Allah is the only one that gives hidayat.


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Asked on January 7, 2009 12:00 am
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You husband should admonish as much as humanly possible. Start reading Islaamic literature 'Taleem' with all in the home. If you can afford, find a house of your own. Increase Salaat performance, Quraan Tilaawat visibly in the house.
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