Should a believer repent for sins commited on this earth?

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Assaalaamalikum Mufti
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I have more of philosophical “question” rather than a true one as it pertains to putting into perspective the question of what is the meaning of life?
If we consider that life is journey from this world to the next, then we must have come from another world to get here on Earth. The assumption therefore made here is that as humans we existed as a soul in Jannah prior to coming to Earth and is based on the question that Allah will ask on the day Qiyamah about us acknowledging His existence, Oneness and purity prior to being born on Earth i.e. we confirmed it already as the disbelievers will say it was their parents etc that misguided them.
One has to ask then why is it that we were placed on Earth? If we consider that Satan was placed on the Earth for having arrogance and pride and that Adam (AS) and Hawa were also placed on Earth after being mislead and committing sin then the reasoning becomes that as souls in heaven (prior to being born on Earth) we may have also committed some sin either through arrogance and/or pride and then told to go to Earth, just like Shaytaan and Adam.
If this is the case then remember Allah gave Shaytaan respite until the day of qiyama, and this demonstrates Allah’s mercy, and therefore if we commited some sin as souls while in Heaven then we are sent to Earth and given respite also due His mercy. Our journey however is different to that of Shaytaan, as his end has already being decided (Hell), while we have been given the opportunity as part of our lifetime to recognise Allah, to worship and obey Him. If we recognise Allah and obey the commands of Allah then we die, we will go back to Heaven (as we are originally from there) and if we did not obey and recognise Allah, we go to Hell. This means that Allah has given us an opportunity to reform and become good again.
Allah knew this when he created Adam (AS) that man is created with nafs and that we will be disobedient when in Heaven and therefore this journey of life to rectify ourselves.
This is the reason that Allah tests us, so that we may recognise Him and attain closeness to him, all this through His mercy, so that we may be forgiven for our sin/s as a soul that existed initially in Heaven and for the sins that we committed on Earth.
If the above is true then should we not be seeking forgiveness for the sins we committed as souls (although we do not know of those sins on Earth) as well as those sins we continue to commit on Earth? Does the above satisfy the answer to what is the meaning of life?
We could have as souls simply stayed in Heaven and praised and worshipped Allah, but we were sent to Earth and now have the challenge of our nafs, Shaytaan and ultimately concern and worry whether we will enter Jannah.

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Asked on August 21, 2011 6:25 pm
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That which was in Jannat between Adam (A.S.) and Shaytaan is not that happens tall souls.
We are sent to be tested.
We pass we will go to the place of the Pleasure of Allaah otherwise not.
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Answered on August 21, 2011 6:25 pm