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Assalamualaikum,Mufti saheb..I would like to know Islamic status and truth of the views of an Alim who calls himself Sunni,Hanafi & Deobandi.These are the views from his talks:1)We are raw Muslims.To get out of this whirlpool,we will not find way from the age of Sahaba.We will have to go back to Bani Israil.2)It was not proper for the government to fall into the hands of a senior Sahabi,so Hazrat Muaviah(ra) was made Khalifa.Certainly Hazrat Ali(ra) was on truth; Muaviah(ra) was at mistake.In this issue all Ahlus Sunnah become Shia.3)If the imputer of Hazrat Ayesha(ra) can be forgiven,then why not Shia of today?4)There should not be any difference in the ummah;this prayer was not accepted.Because of this reason Prophet(saw) did not appoint.Had he appointed,the difference would not have arisen that there would be Abu Bakr(ra) after him.Shia would have said,’He gave Khilafat to us’.We say,’He has given it to Abu Bakr(ra).There is no clarification in the indication.Prophet(saw) did not appoint anyone.He has preserved it on the will of Allah.Almighty Allah said,’There will be difference’.5)There was second thing also.Had Prophet(saw) appointed,and had there been failure in that and it had to fail,since now first time this is happening in history of the world that a non-innocent(ghair masoom) is taking the place of an innocent(masoom).Till today it did not happen that a non-innocent was taking the place of an innocent.First time this is happening in human history that a non-innocent will sit in the place of the innocent,so non-innocent is there only that he has to make mistake.The Prophet of Allah selects and places him at his place,then if he fails and falls short in that,then it will be attributed to the Prophet of Allah.6)The second thing was that,had he appointed(Khalifa) and had anyone refused it,he would have perished.7)And there was another thing also that,had Prophet(saw) appointed,and had there been failure in that and it had to happen.8)Neither we consider them(Sahaba) masoom nor we consider them mahfooz.9)I tell you this also often,this is extremism to transgress in refutation of Shia.10)Contemplating on that,this thing emerged that appointment by the Prophet of Almighty Allah,then had there been any failure in that,then no one would have objected.The dereliction would have been ascribed to the Prophet of Allah.Prophets are to be kept clean.No dust should affect them,neither in their life nor on their death nor after their death.11)This is fanaticism that we make Sahaba(ra) masoom against Shia.I never had this mind that they are masoom.Masoom and mahfooz is the same thing.12)The preference for Khilafat is not piety(taqwa).The preference for Khilafat is policy(tadbeer),as to how he is in policy.13)Muaviah(ra) was not even equal to the nail of Abdullah ibn Umar with respect to grade.14)Their(Sahaba’s) acquittal(bara’at) is a part of our faith;it is right.They were not masoom,were not Prophets,were not mahfooz.This Asmat and Tahaffuz is the same thing.Is there any difference between them?If Allah forgave them,then defence of Sahaba like this is not proper that you start interpreting(taweel) their mistakes.15)Umar(ra) got 99% close to Asmat but he could not score 100 marks.The century scorer will be masoom,so we can give him 99.5 marks;we will leave the half so that there should be difference between a Prophet and non Prophet,so that no dust should come over the personality of Prophets;it should be clean.16)I told the student:Addeenun naseehah.Its common meaning is well wishing.You wish well for a disbeliever,wrong doer.You will lead him to paradise or hell?He said,to paradise.I said,’Considering a Shia kaafir is a way to lead him to paradise or hell?Silent!I said,’Christians are big disbelievers or Shia?He said,’Christians’.I said,’Hate Christians’.These abuse Sahaba(ra);those ascribe son to Allah.Ascribing a son to Allah is big crime or calling Abu Bakr and Umar(ra) kaafir is bigger crime?17)The creed of Barelvis keeps them within Islam.I heard from Moulana Abdullah saheb about Imam Ahmad Raza that disbelief is not found in his writings.He reached the extent of Bid’at just in passion of love.18)I do not know if anybody till today has called its(Shia’s) slaughter impermissible.Slaughter of a Jew and Christian is permissible and Shia’s is impermissible?How strange this is?I have heard this for the first time.19)Shia do not believe in the addition in Kalimah.Aliyyun Waliullah is also addition of their common people.Whatever you all have read,heard is all trivial.

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Asked on November 16, 2012 12:49 pm
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1) This is contrary to what Rasulullaah (S.A.W) himself said, this view of the so called Deobandi Alim is totally wrong.
2) Hadhrat Muawiya (A.S) cannot be criticized in anyway - See on site 'Hahrat Muawiya at a glance' ?This Alim is totally confused. Perhaps not mentally well.
3) The Shia of today has beliefs of Kufr. His analogy us mud-positioned.
4) Now this person is even trying to attach Nabi (S.A.W). There was no difference in the appointment of Hadhrat Abu Bakr (R.A.) - Hear tapes on out site.
5) The person is confusing the Role of Nabi and non-Nabi. He is a babbling BunKum.
6) Why create un-necessary un-called luxurious possibilities.
7) as (6)
8) Sahabah (R.A.) are Mahfooz is the view of the Ahlus Sunnat wal Jamaat.
9) He could be a hidden Shia - expose him by name so the general public are aware.
10) as (6)
11) Masoom and Mahfooz are NOT the same. This person does not know simple basics.
!2) It is Taqdeer with Ilm coupled with piety. Now that it is has happened. Accept it for it cannot be changed.
13) Where is the proof of this statement?
14) as (11)
15) as (8)
16) Both are crimes. A crime is a crime.
17) This is a quick, rash, hasty statement.
18) This person should read 'Encyclopedia of Qurbaani Laws', for details on Shia slaughter being Haraam.
19) See on site - 'Historical record' for further details on Shias and their own Kalimah.
This person is lost and trying his utmost to loose others. Expose him totally so that the Imaan and Islaam of others are protected.
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Answered on November 16, 2012 12:49 pm